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I'm "THE Camera Man"


Let me first say, I had my suspicions that something like this might happen, having been a delegate for Dr. Paul in 2008. I decided to video tape the proceedings to assure a fair caucus for everyone in attendance.

Before the caucus began, I was told, by the then acting chairman, to turn off my video camera (which was in plain view, mounted on a tripod in the bleachers). I immediately shouted "TRANSPARENCY" and about half the gymnasium started booing at the chairman's demands. The chairman then instructed the police to have me removed. I was sitting about half way up the bleachers. Two policemen made their way up and confronted me. They told me to stop recording or I would be arrested. The whole time, the place was booing them AND the chairman. Romney, Paul, Santorum and Gingrich supporters alike seemed to be expressing their discontent. I ignored the officer's intimidating demands and continued to tape as if to say "if you want me to take this camera down you're going to have to arrest me".After about a minute of staring me down they decided to retreat to the floor and call for back up.

Twenty minutes later many police arrived and made their presence very well known. We were told the caucus would not continue until all cameras were turned off. I decided at that time to turn off my camera so the proceeding could begin. There must have been 4 or 5 officers keeping their eyes on me to make sure I did not start taping again. When the caucus began, the shenanigans started. As soon as I realized the fix was in, I reached for the camera and started taping again. The whole place was yelling "Brent Stafford!", "Point of order!" and "Division!" but the chairman ignored everyone that was not associated with the Santorum campaign. By this time the police had noticed I was taping again and they came after me. Again, the place started booing while the arrest took place and it turned into utter chaos.

I was hand-cuffed in the bleachers and escorted to a "patty wagon" that was obviously just brought in to accommodate me, and others if need be. The next thing I know, I see Brent Stafford entering the vehicle with hand cuffs. We were eventually taken to St. Peters Police Department and charged with "Trespassing" and released without bond. The police confiscated my camera and said they needed it as evidence. I must add, the St. Peters police officers that arrested and transported me conducted themselves in a very professional manner.


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Comment by Ana Panot
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It looks like a cock-coo-doodle-do of a bird that just flew out of the cuckoo nest! Powell Gammill mimicked it so well.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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 It is good that this "confession" of "The Camera Man" how they sabotaged the Missouri Caucus is now read by the Public. Unwittingly, the Paul website that posted this "confession" is providing evidence that supports all what I said in my comment that you can read below. Now don’t forget that this "confession" came from the www  Warning: For your own good, don’t bite it hook and sinker. There are bones that could that could get stuck in your throat.

DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET BLINDED by what you read coming from the political underground websites. Most of those Ron Paul Videos released by those underground sources are published here. It is NOT right let alone fair to blindside the reading public about Ron Paul as an "unelectable" presidential candidate.

It should be explained truthfully – with nothing personal attached to such public service explanation -- why the GOP leadership will never allow Ron Paul to become a Republican official candidate for President, so that the public will know and understand the truth behind it.

I have truthfully explained why the Main Stream Media described him as an "unelectable" presidential candidate.

Besides me, and other writers like me, not just the MSM, the New Hampshire newspaper also identified Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy as "unelectable", as well described his angry followers as supporters from the "lunatic fringe".

Paul followers from the "lunatic fringe" are aware that the coming GOP National Convention would NEVER elect -- or would never allow -- Ron Paul to get elected as official candidate for President. In anticipation of that grim reality, which is difficult for them to swallow, what they are doing is obvious:

[1] Sabotage every Caucus they attend, and BLAME the failure on the GOP.

[2] Distribute Ron Paul’s rehearsed and scripted lie Videos saying that the GOP Caucuses held were all won by Ron Paul.

[3] GOP and the Main Stream Media conspired in denying Ron Paul’s victories in the polls. They never explained why, except with a dirty mouth call MSM as a paid "whore"

[4] In all Caucuses and Primaries where Ron Paul came out a poor distant loser, Ron Paul campaign organizers saw to it that the results were published as RIGGED. You can read and listen to their campaign Videos released from Paul websites, and from this website, almost everyday.

What happened in this Missouri Caucus you are reading now where two Ron Paul followers were arrested is a demonstration of this Ron Paul strategy of desperation No. 1 … Sabotage – Caucus disruption.

First, GOP registrars found out that all Ron Paul attendees trying to register as Republicans were NOT Republicans but Libertarians and leftist-identified suspects.

Second, they discovered that those rowdy Ron Paul supporters, which the New Hampshire newspaper described as followers from the "lunatic fringe", would like to intentionally turn the Caucus into a circus or carnival. They brought with them Video Cameras because they wanted to film the whole proceedings in violation of the rules.

Before the situation went out of control, officers in charge called the police for assistance and 10 police officers arrived in the scene by helicopter. Disturbers of the peace were banned from the school premises where the Caucus was held, and two of those loony violators were arrested and booked accordingly.

Naturally, as you can read them here, those followers that the New Hampshire newspaper identified as supporters from the "lunatic fringe" are a very angry bunch of Ron Paul devotees and hangers-on because of this arrest. A disgusted Republican commentator called them "delusional slaves of grandeur" who dreaming while wide awake really believed that Ron Paul should be the next President of the United States in order to change America as an imagined Evil Empire! You can judge how angry they are by the way they attack their imagined adversaries and badmouth their frustrations, aside from making up stories that only those with a kindergarten mentality would believe.

No offense intended.


The Harbinger of Truth – JV & others on the side of the American Public opposed to "Unelectable" Nuisance Candidates.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Choo koo kachuu!  Choo koo kachuu!

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