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Do It Yourself Basement Waterproofing


UNIQUE-PATENT-PENDING SYSTEM! Repairs Badly Deteriorated Concrete, Internally Waterproofs, Eliminates Moisture Vapor Drive and Radon at the Same Time Due to unique technical breakthroughs in polymer chemistry, a complete, permanent indoor basement waterproofing system is both available and affordable for the home owner or commercial property owner! With SANI-TRED installed, the only way water or radon can enter your basement is through the windows or down the stairs. Period! SANI-TRED is the only indoor waterproofing system that completely seals any basement permanently, no matter how wet or deteriorated. SANI-TRED adds permanent value increase to any home with it's lifetime warranty. SANI-TRED's Flexible Penetration Technology™ has set a complete new benchmark of standards for dependability and proven results unmatched by any other materials in the waterproofing industry, anywhere! Due to these and other unique qualities such as Elongation Memory Technology® no other products or system even comes close to SANI-TRED's record of success and performance in the field of negative hydrostatic pressure waterproofing. SANI-TRED systems do not weaken with age, unlike other waterproofing products, but actually strengthens over time with higher qualities because of it's unique polymer chemistry of Permanent Elongation™.

Step by Step Basement Waterproofing:

The following steps will show you How to Waterproof a Basement with Sani-Tred.


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