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Stephan Kinsella on the Logic of Libertarianism and Why Intellectual Property Doesn't Exist

•, Anthony Wile
 I was from a young age interested in science, philosophy, justice, fairness and "the big questions." I ended up majoring in electrical engineering at Louisiana State University (LSU). This was the mid-1980s. I liked engineering but over time became more and more interested in political philosophy.

In the late '80s I started publishing columns in the LSU student newspaper, The Daily Reveille, from an explicitly libertarian perspective. As my interests became more sharply political and philosophical, my girlfriend (later wife) and friends urged me to consider law school. After all, I liked to argue. I might as well get paid for it! I was by this time in engineering grad school. Unlike many attorneys I know, I had not always wanted to be a lawyer. In fact, it had never occurred to me until my girlfriend suggested it over dinner, when I was wondering what degree I could pursue next—partly in order to avoid having to enter the workforce just yet.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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This is a great libertarian debate.  With good points to be made on both sides.  Jason Auvenshine was the first to point the weakness of intellectual property (IP) claims to me MANY years ago.  I had never considered it before.   I still find it hard to reconcile that someone can create something out of their imagination and have people eat away at its value to its creator by copying it.  Yet, the other side of the coin is now behaving so viciously that I lean in favor of doing away with IP all together.