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Stars Trek Exposes the New World Order


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Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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 "NWO" is a cliche -- a product of the imagination. NO one can point a finger on it. Where is it? And what is it? It is a cliche used for so long by the angry, the discontented, the rebellious, and those from the "lunatic fringe" that hate LAW & ORDER, the Government, the State, and the United States of America as an imagined "Evil Empire".

Whose truth will set us free -- yours? How about Al Qaeda's, Timothy McVeigh's, the Weather Underground's, Unabomber's, Ron Paul's, Obama's, you name it ... Each of those truthers has their own "truth" to speak of, aside from yours and mine ... so which one will set us free?

Comment by Woody Wood
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Once again I will state; "The  NWO (New World Order) is the ultimate goal of those satanists who conspire to control the world and ALL else is a smoke screen, a stepping stone or a diversionary tactic! "
Peaceful attitudes, contrary to the video, WILL NOT make it go away.  Jesus said "These kind [of demons] only come out with prayer and fasting."  The only thing that EVIL hates and fears is the bright light of TRUTH. 
Learn the truth, teach the truth, develop an understanding of the truth.  Incite and activate the citizens to action after they have learned the truth.
We are a mighty army and TRUTH is our only weapon!

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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This was well done, and I can understand using 'NWO' as the 'evil entity', but why can't we just call it for what it really is - EVIL? 

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