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China’s stance on Syria – 'a matter of principle'


Moscow and Beijing have been firmly opposing intervention in Syria, stressing the need for a diplomatic solution to the crisis. Middle East expert He Wenping says this is matter of principle.

He Wenping, of the ChineseAcademy of Social Sciences, insists that Russia and China are defending the principle of state sovereignty. “Any regime change should be undertaken by the people in that country,” she told RT.

In addition to Russia, China is also trying to protect its geopolitical interests in the region, He admits. “Everybody knows that China heavily depends on the oil imports from the whole Middle East.”

The Syrian crisis is no longer a domestic issue as outside forces, reportedly including Al-Qaeda, have penetrated the opposition, she notes. “The so-called the Free Syrian Army now is no longer the pure Syrian people.”

The Syrians are not willing to listen to the opposition outside the country, He Wenping believes, noting that opposition groups at home are fighting for their rights separately from outside pressure.

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