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Afghan Villagers Were Threatened by US Troops Ahead of Massacre

The incongruous stories surrounding the March 11 massacre on Afghan civilians in two villages took another turn today, with reports from witnesses in Mokhoyan, one of the two villages targeted, that they were threatened by US troops just days before the massacre.
The witnesses say that troops rounded up all the men from the villages after a roadside bombing, lined them up against a wall, and told them they would “pay a price” for the attack.

The witnesses put the date of the bombing at either March 7 or 8. Previous stories had massacre suspect Robert Bales supposedly “upset” about a bombing in which one of his friends lost a leg.

The military would neither confirm or deny any bombings in the area, only insisting that they would investigate anything that might be related to the shootings. They likewise gave no comments about the threats in Mokhoyan.

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Members of the most destructive group wanting to destroy America are those who profess to love America so much that they wanted to destroy it to create their own version of a new America they alone want.

Comment by Ed Price
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Yabut, was it Government that really wanted to murder those unborn Americans? Or were they simply going along with the peoples' desires and wishes?

It isn't always Government, or the filthy rich, or the one-worlders who want to destroy America.

Comment by James Eldridge
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Think about this for a moment. - None of those people that have been harmed by this murderous act will be obtaining a plane ticket to come to American shores and retaliate to teach people here a lesson. When something does happen, it will be done by those already here and they don't have to be Afghan. The lack of those in government here in the US to stop the crumbling of this nation will be the cause of home grown terrorists to do things that will be the causes of further turmoil in memory of those innocent people being murdered by our troops for the sake of their working for a corporation. That is the goal of those working in our government. They want, that home grown terrorism to get kicked in so that they can do what their next plans are. To further the disintegration of this nation to that of military rule and the overflowing of FEMA camps to do what they want further to do. That is the doing away with millions here in the states so that they can have all of this nation for themselves, minus the worthless eaters. --- What can you and I do about stopping this from happening? Nothing. 99.7% of us will do nothing and those are doing something are few and far between. There I left out 00.2%. 00.1% us that know and will do something. 00.1% that already work for that out of control government in DC and will be hunting down us, that 00.1%. --- What will be happening in the next few years is anyone's guess. Whatever it will be, you can believe that it is already designed to be something terrible. It has to be terrible. There is no other way to control the public but to have them cowering under their beds afraid to come out for fear of being moved to a FEMA camp.

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