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All For Naught?


I have a question, a question for all serious conservatives, libertarians, and those who in general favor truly limited, constitutional government. Was the Tea Party tidal wave that swept Republicans back into power in 2010 really about limited government?

Republicans sure talked a good talk before the 2010 elections. Warning of Obama's creeping socialism, crony capitalism, and a crippling debt burden that will prevent us from handing off a better America to our children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, since the Tea Party swept Republicans back into power in the House, they've taken all the blame for "nearly shutting down government" and "being too extreme," when, in reality, the House Leadership under John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Kevin McCarthy has been selling Tea Partiers a bill of goods -- claiming to be supportive of their limited government positions while selling out in CR negotiations for paltry budget cuts of a mere $352 million dollars last spring, not to mention the debt ceiling debacle that netted nothing good for conservatives.

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