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Hey Brother Can You Spare a Buck?

It seems that everywhere I go these days I am being beseeched by someone or something. It used to be that other than the random bum on the corner, the only time I would be harassed was from the government in the form of taxes or other types of theft, but lately it seems like I can't go anywhere without being besought. I had become accustomed to the bum on the corner with the "I will work for food" sign in hand and the occasional parking lot confrontation of "hey brother can you spare a dollar?" But lately the begging has elevated to a whole new level that is almost a business and it's not just the bums anymore but that of the corporate world too. Today it is not possible to go anywhere without being beseeched in some way.
This was all highlighted on a trip to town I made recently. I had taken a day off from work because I needed to take care of several things that could only be done during business hours. I left my home early in the morning and made my first stop at a gas station to fill up before traveling to the stops I needed to make. I had just gotten out of my car when I was approached by a man asking me if I had any spare change he could have for gas. I reached in my pocket and dropped the small amount of change I had into his awaiting hand. He then thanked me and blessed me with the fortunes of a deity that he must have believed would bring me good luck even though this 'God' obviously never blessed him with good fortune, I smiled and went about my day.

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