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SSG Robert Bales plotted and executed an attack that killed innocent Afghan civilians.

SSG Robert Bales is being sheltered in another nation.

Afghan authorities have demanded he be given to them for punishment.

The sheltering nation has refused.


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Comment by Venancio Tan
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You forgot to mention Larken Rose's stories to shoot all cops dead, a tax felon that get privileged headlines, thanks to Editor PG.

Comment by Ana Panot
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It's not FreedomPhoenix... It is Editor Powell Gammill who loves to publish stories like this. The ones that ax the head of those in Government, and Government-back-stabbing stories are truly a favorite pastime -- they get a space priority in the front page, aside from Ron Paul's name splashed all over.

Comment by Curtis Kaufmann
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Freedom Phoenix - How is this a news article? Don't put this crap up! This is less than a paragraph of some guy ranting, not news. It in no way gave me more information on what is going on with this story.

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