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Just 3% of America CAN Save Liberty. Live WEBINAR Tonight, 7-8 pm Eastern - Here’s the Plan:


Imagine a  *non-political*, well-funded, locally controlled organization in every state dedicated solely to defending the state and federal Constitutions. Imagine just 3% of Americans joining together to Organize and systematically hold every government official across the nation, from city councilmen to the President, accountable to the the Rule of Law!

3% x 300 Million of We the People  = 10M real Americans...

If those 10M Americans each contribute $25 toward funding their individually financed, controlled and managed state Constitution Lobby,  we have reached  "critical mass" and secured millions of  $'s to ACT in all 50 states!  In fact. if just 5% of Americans stood together, we could raise $400M per year toward our battle for Freedom!  This is strength in numbers and a bold plan of organized Civic Actions is the only way we can restore Liberty!

Locally controlled $$$ = full time paid professional staff including attorneys, management staff, constitutional Monitors and lots of well-organized Constitutional civic actions restore Liberty and hold government accountable!

This IS the WTP Constitution Lobby project!. 
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Freedom Rising:

"We're Getting Organized!" Webinar


Join us for a Live Webinar!

Give Bob Schulz and Judith Whitmore an hour of your time and hear about the non-political plan to permanently organize We The People across America to hold government accountable and restore constitutional governance.  Tell a friend.  See our new online organizing Tools and see the Plan.
MONDAY. MAR. 26,  7 - 8 pm Eastern
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THURSDAY. MAR. 29,  7 - 8 pm Eastern

Reserve your Webinar Seat Now at

Join Bob Schulz and Judith Whitmore as they roll out plans to get WE THE PEOPLE organized county-to-county, state to state and across America, in defense of the Constitution.

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