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Calls for justice rage on a month after Trayvon Martin's killing


Sanford, Florida (CNN) -- A month ago Monday, Trayvon Martin died.

The shooting of the unarmed African-American teenager by a neighborhood watch volunteer in a Sanford neighborhood renewed the national conversation about race relations, gun laws, even how young men dress.

It sparked a national furor that burned all the way to the White House, prompting President Barack Obama last week to call for national soul-searching to discover how something so tragic could happen.

That furor continues Monday, with rallies planned for Pittsburgh; San Francisco; Houston; Atlanta; Indianapolis; Baltimore; Philadelphia; Detroit; Memphis, Tennessee; Iowa City, Iowa and Sanford -- where the City Commission is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting on the incident and its aftermath.

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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Remember the story from Desert Storm where General Schwarzkopf told about the luckiest man in Iraq?  A pilot’s bomb sight clearly shows a truck traveling across the bridge he just bombed clear the end of the bridge just as the bomb hits.  Don’t you just know that if you went anywhere in Iraq the next day, every other male you spoke to would claim to be THAT guy?!


I open with this, because I, DC Treybil, was panhandled by Michael Bell.  “Who is Michael Bell?” you ask.  Michael Bell is one of the infamous “Jena Six”, charged with an unprovoked beating of a white student at Jena High School in 2006.  And no, I don’t consider myself the luckiest person here in the backwoods of North Louisiana as a result of that.  It was not a privilege.


My business took me into Jena on a regular basis.  One day, I stopped at the Gotta’ Go convenience store to grab a bite of lunch.  After eating, I was returning to my vehicle when I walked in front of a vehicle with 4 young black males sitting in it.  As I exited the front door, the person sitting in the back seat on the driver’s side got out and approached me.  I thought nothing of it, because it looked like he was going into the store.  He walked up to me and said, “I sure could use ten dollars.”  I kept walking, said nothing.  The hair stood up on the back of my neck.  Being a white male, 6’3”, 270 pounds, I am unaccustomed to being accosted by anyone.  This was a memorable, but not pleasant experience.


A few months later, the attack occurred at school.  While talking to someone about what had happened, I recalled this incident.  I described the lean tall young black male wearing a blue NFL-style sweatshirt bearing the number 12 IIRC, and they told me that could be him and that it very likely was.  He was known to panhandle old black people around town on days surrounding the delivery of government checks.  He was observed saying to any bold enough to do what I did, “Get your black @$$ back over here N*****r and give me my money!”  I did not personally witness this, nor did he say THAT to me.  But the individuals who told me this are highly credible and I believe them. 


I did not give up ten dollars that day.  I didn’t give up one dollar.  Not that I would have missed it.  But ten dollars to a person on social security means missing a meal or two.


By all credible accounts, Michael Bell was a repeat trouble maker.  He was also a gifted athlete.  Because he could make the big plays that helped the Jena Giants win games, it was swept under the rug.  So, while it might have not been done with Michael Bell’s best interest in mind, the door was held open for him.  He had an excellent opportunity to do well in life.  He chose badly.


Due in part to large-scale activism, all members of the Jena Six were pretty much let go on time-served after some sort of deal.  No trial ever took place.  The last I heard, they had all subsequently been sent to jail in other jurisdictions for unrelated transgressions.


I say all this to point out that CNN’s coverage seemed absolutely BENT on painting the town of Jena as a refuge for racists.  It is not.  Knowing what I know about the people of the Town of Jena and the highly biased, prejudicial and unfair coverage of them concerning the Jena Six, they are the last source I would trust on this story.


DC Treybil




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