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Where is Ron Paul?

•, by Felicia Sonmez

If you’ve been thinking that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has taken a lower profile of late in the GOP primary race, you’re not alone.

Let’s look at what Paul is – and isn’t – doing on the trail.

Two things Ron Paul isn’t doing: He’s not winning -- he has yet to place first in a primary or a caucus, either this cycle or last. And he isn’t making a lot of appearances on the campaign trail -- over the past week, he has held only three campaign events, while his rivals’ events have numbered in the dozens.


Four things Paul is doing: He’s appearing on late-night TV; he’s having a town hall at the University of Maryland in College Park on Wednesday; he’s holding what his campaign describes as a “giant” rally on Thursday at the University of Wisconsin in Madison; and he’s airing TV ads criticizing his rivals over last week’s Etch a Sketch incident.

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Comment by Arty Choke
Entered on:

You are right, Pussycat. These PFLFs [people from the "lunatic fringe"] don't even know what they are saying. We are wasting our time if not for the fact that we are on the side of the public that's being blindsided and poisoned to hate the Government.

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

 PsychoTaxi asked, "Why are you so afraid to have your comments attributed to YOUR OWN NAME?" Annonymous75 should have answered this. But I guess he doesn't want to.  May be he thought only the crazy would ask this question here in Freedom Forum.

But I will answer Psych Oh! for Annonymous75. It is because Ernest Hancock owns this website and he wants us NOT to use our real name but only our pen name when we discuss issues in this particular page of  Don't you understand that? Where did you come from? No one asks such a stupid question ... unless you are really what the New Hampshire newspaper and the National Institute of Health described you are!  Dude, even the name you are using in this page is FAKE! And you don't even know, for heaven's sake!

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
Entered on:

You mean Ron Paul's new era of freedom to demean his own beloved country -- the freedom of those whom the New Hampshire newspapers described as Ron Paul followers from the "lunatic fringe", a new era of anti-Government terror, and the freedom of terrorists to kill and destroy? C'mon, guys ... you should have been aware by now that hating madly the Government that much is due to a suffering of some form of "mental illness" according to the National Institute of Health. The world where you are -- and all what you were all saying -- is again according to the NIH, obviously NOT real!! 

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
Entered on:

 Dear PureTrust,

Thank you for stating the obvious in such a articulate manner. 

Best regards!

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

It's simply amazing what Ron Paul is doing.

RP's straight forward, honesty in politics, economic clarification is catching on all over the country. People who have been hiding in fear of loss of freedom, are coming out of their shells, so to speak, and endorsing the ideals of Constitutionality in Government - FREEDOM.

The big media propaganda machine is being ignored all over the place, as "small" media is reporting the RP challenge.

The RP economics picture is winning the hearts and votes of multitudes of middle class people, even though the much larger welfare group (who mostly don't understand what is really going on in politics or the world) still supports the socialistic movement of the past 5 decades, or so.

The more or less communistic socialism, that it took one-worlders in the range of 50 years to build the nation into, is being undermined and is collapsing in a mere 5 or 6 year by the truths that the Ron Paul platform is promoting.

Ron Paul has WON! He may not have won the Presidency. He may not even win the GOP candidacy. But the important thing that RP has done is to show the nation that there is hope for freedom. Ron Paul supporters now know how to move ahead over the next few years, bringing freedom back to the nation and the world.

This is the beginning of new-found freedom, in our era, for the whole world. It is time to take back our land, our money, and our lives from the communistic-socialistic Government leaders of today. And Ron Paul and his political organization are both, showing us how to do it, and leading us in the doing of it.

Vote Ron Paul 2012. And if he is not on the ballot, write him in. And record the event with your cell-cam.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

 Why are you so afraid to have your comments attributed to YOUR OWN NAME?

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
Entered on:

Why don't you just tell them straight in the eye that the announcement to quit has been videotaped and ready to be realeased.  There is no point prolonging the agony of defeat here and defeat there. It is a big waste of time and space.

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