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Lincoln Mortally Wounded the Constitution

•, by Michael S. Rozeff

Wilson observed that the War Between the States established the federal government as the final judge of its powers. To be more accurate, let's say that the war openly brought out the big guns, used them, and raised to the surface the exercise of federal power that was already latent or had been going on for decades in a less conspicuous or thorough-going manner. Thank you for that blog, Tom.

The rule by guns, not the Constitution, means that the powers of the federal government are limited by nothing except the resistance of those under its rule and certain remaining forms and customs that are still observed under that Constitution. And both of these mean that as time passes and as the federal government extends its powers and subverts these forms and customs, it becomes more and more of a tyranny.

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Comment by Boston Releigh
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Lined up in the first line of attack in the agenda of the Enemy Within is to discredit our national heroes like Abraham Lincoln. Killing our idealism is first in this revolutionary assassination attempt. Without any sense of patriotism, we can be easily led to defy authority, and undermine our Government; it is a way of destroying our will to defend our idealism from inside, and outside, from preserving our established society and from protecting our way of life. The second line of attack is directed towards Godlessness. This is how Stalin conducted his own version of the "Revolution of the Proletariat" before he took over the whole of Russia.

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