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My Mom texted me today "He has my vote"


I had something amazing happen to me today. My mother texted me, "I love your passion for Ron Paul. He has my vote." I am 39 years old and have never been involved in politics. I have lived in the San Francisco Bay area all my life. The "lesser of two evils" thing kept me away and uninterested, like most people my age. My eyes were opened to Ron Paul about 6 months ago and I had an awakening. Something inside me changed. For the first time in a very long time I had hope. So I began to share videos of Ron Paul speaking on Facebook.

Six months later I am happy to say I have exposed many people to Ron and his message. Today was a great day. My mom is a Republican and has been my whole life. When I first started to talk to her about Ron Paul, she basically laughed him off. Now she is on our side. People are waking up. This is a major win in my eyes!

If my mom can be convinced at 64 years old that freedom and liberty are the only way we should vote, that Ron Paul is the only choice... I am really starting to believe we can win this thing! I have always hoped, but this amazed me.

Now the real work starts... my Dad.


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Comment by Marie Treloar
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It is not that the people are not voting for Ron Paul, it's the GOP not wanting RP.

It's a take from RP and give to "whoever" they like.

GOP refuses to give up their perks, and know that RP will get rid of of the pollution & corruption.

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