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A long time ago on a slightly different internet… I had a dream, a passion, a belief that we could all trade safe, secure and privately. This dream has been trodden on kicked, assulted and stolen. It is still alive and a passion that I will always keep. For a brief while transactions flourished in different safe havens, commerce would develope, ideas would take tangeable form and goods and services would flow. These periods came under attack when fears of money laundering and neferious activities prompted the siezure of assets and the crippling of trade with extreme ‘know your customer’ regulations. I firmly stand against any criminal behaviour. Transactions should be honest, trustable and private. One day I am sure that an electronic transaction system will be in place that replaces the majority of cash transactions. If an electronic transactional system is developed by corporations or governments as a more cash like version of EFTPOS, I feel that it is bound to violate the r

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