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Foreign Troops Inside Syria: The Failed UN Brokered "Peace Plan" Sets the Stage for War?

•, by Michel Chossudovsky

"How you define your role, and where and how you decide to pursue it, is of vital interest to the United Nations, given the long tradition of cooperation and coordination between NATO and the UN in matters of war and peace." (Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General, Address at NATO headquarters in Brussels on UN-NATO collaboration in the context of the 50th anniversary of NATO, January 1999)

In late February, 13 French military officers were arrrested in Homs at the height of the armed insurrection, pointing to the presence of foreign troops on Syrian soil in derogation of international law. The Daily Star (March 5, 2012) report suggested that the arrested officers could have been part of "a larger contingent" of French special forces operating within the ranks of the rebel Free Syria Army (FSA):


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Comment by James Eldridge
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Not confirmed nor denied. - So it these French military are to be sacrificed by their government, then those that have them should go ahead and execute everyone of them and be done with it. NATO/UN/US/UK/FRANCE/GERMANY/ISRAEL are going to continue with this aggregation against Syria in setting the stage for that intended attack on Iran, so why not up the anti and off their heads since they are invading and un-welcomed intruders attempting to further the conflict. - Since the UN/NATO/US/UK/FRANCE/GERMANY/ISRAEL are calling this a war, so be it. Let those in Syria after offing their heads tell the world that there were no French military taken captive in their nation and let them repeat what was told them. Not confirmed nor denied.

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