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The Extreme Solar Still Concept

•, by Jim D.
 The solar still is the most written about and yet least used survival technique there is. I would like to help change that, with some actual testing and practical knowledge, back to something you can really use for survival.
If you ask almost anyone that has read a book on survival, or took a summer wilderness class, how they would acquire water in a desert environment, without hesitation they would say....
“I would just build a solar still.” There is nothing wrong with that. It is one way to attain at least some water. The solar still is the stock answer, and not a bad one either. The desert is a harsh environment short on water and the ground is the only real place to find it hiding. Desert vegetation is extremely hard to squeeze palatable water form. Contrary to what you have heard about cactus, even the infamous Barrel cactus, do not contain enough refreshment without d’stilling it’s contents to sustain anyone.

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