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The Secret History of OpenStack, the Free Cloud Software That’s Changing Everything

•, By Cade Metz

CUPERTINO, California — The Rainbow Mansion sits high on a hill overlooking Silicon Valley. With a roof of Spanish tile and a chandelier in the foyer, this 5,000-square-foot West Coast mini-palace was once home to a man who made his millions selling chips for PC graphics cards and CD-ROM drives. But today, it’s a kind of Silicon Valley commune, a place where the Young Turks of the tech world can live and share their work.

Googlers live here. And NASA engineers. One resident builds electric cars at Tesla, and yes, Apple engineers have lived here too. But the whole idea of the place is that residents aspire to something more than a day job.

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Comment by Ed Price
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How many common, everyday people want war? How many of any nation on earth?

Almost everybody wants something out of life. But it is only the "few" who instigate the many into thinking that they, the many, want war. Mostly, people want peace, even if they don't want to live with some ethnicity or religion other than their own.

Cloud computing is reaching all the people. It is waking the people up. The war-mongers among the people might think that they can use cloud computing to control the populations of the world, but is really working the other way. It is bringing TRUTH to the masses.

The warfare groups in America - the ones that are causing welfare so that they can control the welfare recipients into helping them with warfare - are gradually losing out through the dissemination of the TRUTH that is happening through computing, and more-so, through cloud computing.

Those who want peace on earth, need to vigorously use the cloud to spread the truth around to all.

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