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Federal Judge Demands Obama Explain 'Obamacare' Statements

• ABC News
In a remarkable, partisan exchange in a Texas courtroom Tuesday, a federal judge demanded that the Obama administration formally explain recent statements by President Obama that some have construed as questioning the authority of courts to review, and potentially strike down, his signature health care law.

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Comment by Ana Panot
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Treybil and Gammill knew a lot about Viagra and talked about it most of the time.They must be using it in their midnite snacks because of their comments that show such kinky intellectual impotence. (Heh! heh! heh!)

Comment by Arty Choke
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 Who do you think would listen to those angry and insulting comments from those who believed that they know the law better than those Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court? They are Obama's friends because their bitter animosity and culpable ignorance will help Obama win. They should be ashamed of themselves, pretending they knew better than those Justices when in fact what they know or say is absolutely worthless. They should go home and plant tomatoes to prove their usefulness to society instead of staying in this page proving their uselessness in participating in open forum.

Comment by Dennis Treybil
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Justice Roberts may have taken half-a-dose of viagra when he silently mouthed "that's not true" in reaction to Obama's rebuke during one the State of the Union addresses.

Still, the Constitution put lots of insulation around the judiciary in response to some of KGIII's practices prior to the DoI.

Judge Anthony Napolitano was talking about whether it was a good idea for justices to enter the political fray, declaring, "What the President says in public is completely separate from what the executive branch lawyers say in court."

DC Treybil

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Wow, never tell the limped dick judiciary to minds its own business I guess.  They might find some Viagra:

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