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Israel Presses US for Another $700 Million in Military Aid

•, by Jason Ditz
 The Israeli government has reportedly submitted a formal request for the US to agree to an additional $700 million in military funding, above and beyond the massive amount already allocated, to pay for the Iron Dome and Magic Wand missile defense systems.
This request is above and beyond the money the Pentagon was already seeking for Israel’s Iron Dome system, as the short range missiles, which were largely unsuccessful during the recent Gaza Strip attacks. The Israeli government wants to expand the number of batteries available.

The Iron Dome system was initially defunded by the Israeli military in 2010, when they decided it was not cost effective. The US immediately approved full funding for it. Now, the US is liable to be on the hook for the Magic Wand system as well.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Remember, Israel is not God's Israel of the Old Testament. They use the name Israel, and God may bless them in some ways just to keep His name from being dishonored, but the O.T. Israel was destroyed by Rome, 70 A.D..

Since O.T. Israel (Jacob) was made up of people not only from the line of Abraham - Zilpah and Bilhah - and since anyone could be legally added to the O.T. nation of Israel - see Moses' laws in the first 5 books of the Bible - Israel could be anybody.

It is evident from Saint Paul's Bible writings that the Israel of God is made up of the people who believe in Jesus as their Savior. It is also evident from his writings that not all who are in Israel are Israel people.

The nation of Israel that we see today is a political move by the one-world government to deceive Christians so that they will become part of the one-world government.

Comment by James Eldridge
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Why don't they ask the Rothschild's for the money? They have trillions of dollars stolen from the people of the entire globe, so why not go where the money is and ask them to fund their terrorism. The Rothschild's funded both sides of WW1 and WW2 and most likely are funding something sinister on the planet as we speak. - The real reason they don't ask the Rothschild's is because they want the U.S. military involved so that they will not have to do the brunt of the fighting and dying.

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