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'Cyber Czar' wants Homeland Security to patrol America's Internet borders


Lawmakers in Washington are divided as to how to implement cybersecurity legislation to protect against infiltration from hackers, but one insider says the answer is simple: just establish border patrol for the Internet in America.

Former George W Bush special adviser for cybersecurity, Richard A. Clarke, tackles the topic of America's susceptibility to Internet crimes in an editorial published in The New York Times this week, and the ex-White House “cyber czar” says the issue could easily be resolved. Clarke argues that America loses billions of dollars every year from foreign hackers that steal information from US computers, and while Congress is at odds over which of the handful of cybersecurity bills best fits the country’s needs, Clarke — who held related positions in both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations — offers a solution of his own.

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Comment by Alan Gaudette
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Yet another Czar proves his incompetence in his assigned subject.

Comment by David McElroy
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 Yep! Let's make the internet experience and regulatory structure just like those in Red China, North Korea, or Saudi Arabia. Paranoid Uncle Sam must clamp down on the sharing of information to impose a top-down system. Cross-talk among the people must be closely monitored and censored. Certain news items, critical analysis, free thinking and dissident opinions must be precluded from inspiring prohibited thoughts. The military/industrial police state must control all thoughts, all actions. Free exchange in public discourse is a threat to the corporatist cabal seeking to rob and enslave us to an ever more horrid degree. Live free or die trying!

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