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Feminists and Immigrants

•, BY Sady Doyle

Feminists have a bad habit of speaking to the opposition in their own terms. Take, for example, the “War on Women.” This grand conflict, which I’ve written plenty about, has focused on some fairly longstanding conflicts. The right to terminate a pregnancy; the right not to get pregnant in the first place; the right to avoid being publicly called a “slut” merely because one is not currently pregnant; the right of all human beings to live in a world where Rush Limbaugh will just shut his face. Etcetera.

In response to predictable attacks, we feminists have mounted predictable defenses. Of course, the “War on Women” is largely a war on reproductive choice. So we respond from where we’re been hit hardest: We fight for the right to get abortions, and to get them safely, quickly and without invasive and unnecessary procedures tacked on to them. We fight for contraception. We stand up for Planned Parenthood.