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Children perceive humanoid robot as emotional, moral being

•, by University of Washington
Human-like robot babysitters are in the works, but it's unclear at this early stage what children's relationships with these humanoids will be like and what dangers lurk in this convenient-sounding technology.

Will the robots do more than keep children safe and entertained? Will they be capable of fostering social interactions, , intellectual growth and other cognitive aspects of human existence? Will children treat these as personified entities, or like servants or tools that can be bought and sold, misused or ignored?

"We need to talk about how to best design social robots for children, because will go with the design that makes the most money, not necessarily what’s best for children" said Peter Kahn, associate professor of psychology at the University of Washington. "In developing robot nannies, we should be concerned with how we might be dumbing down relationships and stunting the emotional and intellectual growth of children."

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