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RACISIM AND "HATE CRIME" IN THE U.S.: The Ku Klux Klan Still "Kill At Will"

•, by Dr. Ismail Salami

Once upon a time in America back in the nineteenth century, there was a far-right organization known as the Ku Klux Klan that adhered to primitively radical and hidebound ideas including white supremacy and brutalized and persecuted the colored race through an act of terrorism.


Also known as the Klan, the group emerged in Pulaski, Tennessee, and is today stigmatized as a hate group. The organisation, which has now been stripped of its name, still exists and splinters into different manifest forms: Racial hatred, religious hatred and ideological hatred. The organization is not extinct as many sinister forces in the US government tried to consign at least the name to oblivion and is estimated to have more than 10,000 dedicated hatetivists in the United States alone who spare no efforts in giving vent to their racial and religious hatred by intimidating and liquidating those they deem as the wretched of the earth.

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