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Jesus vs. Scientists: Who's Better at Miracles?

•, By Natalie Wolchover
According to the Bible, Christ was immaculately conceived, making him the Son of God and of the Virgin Mary. Today, being born of a virgin is nothing to write home about, thanks to the development of artificial insemination. In this procedure, a male's sperm is either injected into a female's uterus, or is used to fertilize her eggs in a petri dish (after which the fertilized egg is re-injected into the female). Either way, there's no sex required.

The Italian scientist Lazzaro Spallanzani performed the first artificial insemination of a dog in 1786, and the Englishman John Hunter achieved the feat in a human just four years later. Today, it's a popular form of conception for single women and both infertile and lesbian couples.

Unfortunately, until the Second Coming of the Lord, we're stuck forking over $10 for a decent bottle of wine. As far as we can tell, no scientists are even working on the problem of how to instantaneously transform water into Cabernet Sauvignon. The closest they've come may be the invention of grape-flavored Alka-Seltzer. Cheers, Jesus.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Yabut. Isn't it a miracle that, colleges and universities can keep so many highly trained people believing in something like the theory of evolution, right in the presence of the surrounding knowledge that proves that evolution is a fantasy, and not even a theory? It is one of the greatest miracles of modern political science!

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