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Grow a Garden.

•, by Youwerewarned
 Even learn urban techniques with small spaces. That 5 dollar fast food sandwich you bought the other day.. That could buy a large amount of seeds.

Everyday is one day you can be planting something to feed yourself with later. Don't wait til TSHF. Because at that point it will be far too late. Even against hedging food costs this will help you immensely.

Google is a wealth of information, Craigslist is also if you want to team up locally with people. I would love for people to post sites here for all. I know I'm preaching to the Choir for many, this is for the people who really haven't taken that much time to do it. PLEASE. You will thank yourself later. I'm sure there is a wealth of info people here can provide. If you never have, now is a good time to start. A really good time.