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Your Work PC Will Soon Be Able To Read Your Gestures And Your Moods

•, Julie Bort
 But that's not all. Enterprises will give their employees a completely new kind of computer. Instead of a PC and a phone, companies will issue something that Gillett calls a "frame." The frame will work closely with other devices like tablets, PCs and smartphones.

"Think of the frame like a display, but instead of a dumb display, it's quite smart," Gillett says.

The frame will be chock full of sensors, it will include WiFi, have a bunch of PC-like processing power and will operate via some kind of gesture control system, like MicrosoftKinect.

"So it knows the temperature. It can read the frown on my face. It knows something about my moods and emotions by figuring out if I'm blushing .. things like that. It's really watching and interacting with me. I can control it by gesture, I can control it by voice," he describes.

The point of the frame will be to allow employees to choose whatever devices they want to use for work, while still providing them secure access to the software and data they need to do their jobs.

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