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Sheriff Richard Mack for Congress 2012

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Last week, I was the featured guest on Texas Talk with Harley, a popular show hosted by the well-know Kerrville, TX radio announcer, Harley Belew.

The two of us addressed all the big issues, including defending our state sovereignty, protecting the Second Amendment, and – of course – upholding the entire United States Constitution.

It was a great interview, and a lot of fun, too. Click on the screenshot below to watch an entertaining clip from the show.

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Harley and I had many great exchanges, but my favorite was when we got to talking about small business:
Harley: Sheriff Mack, what are you going to do for small business?

Mack: First and foremost, I will get the federal government out of your way.

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and right now, what’s killing the U.S. economy is too much federal government.

It’s not up to the federal government to run my business. My land, and my home, and my business are my business, not the federal government’s.

If we get the federal government out of the way, get regulatory authorities and bureaucracies off the backs of small businesses, America will thrive once again.
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You and I know that our country faces many critical problems. We also know that Washington is the problem, not the solution.

That’s why I believe it’s time to send a law-man to Congress.

Enough is enough with career politicians whose doors are closed to you and me, but wide open to whatever special interests want to grease their palms. 

Change starts by getting entrenched incumbents like Lamar Smith out of office, and into new jobs in the private sector.

How's that for some job creation?

Please show your support today and make the most generous contribution you can afford to my campaign.

This is a battle that you and I can't afford to lose.

In Liberty,

 Sheriff Richard Mack

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