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America's Prescription Drug Addiction Suggests a Sick Nation

•, by Victoria Bekiempis
 We Americans really like to pop pills. The Associated Press has just reported that we're increasingly strung out on prescription opioids, with sales ballooning from 2000 to 2010. In some parts of the US, receipts for oxycodone-based products – such as OxyContin, Percoset, and Percodan – surged sixteenfold; hydrocodone-based products such as Vicodin continue to gain solid ground in Appalachia and Middle America.
Indeed, insatiable demand for "hillbilly heroin" – sometimes doled out by doctors who want to legitimately treat pain, sometimes by physicians who want simply to shut up their patients – has prompted pharmacy robberies, and much worse.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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It is amazing to me that someone, some  entity says this week we will be pushing the need more tyranny button on the issue of "prescription drug abuse" and the corporate media obediently expels the latest totalitarian turd to cover the masses.  I mean beat the drums for this latest "Oh my god, do something!" coordinated and conspired missive. 

What?!!!!  Is the DEA budget up for renewal?  Some court case ruling that might not go your way?  What is the impetus for your master's bleat this time?

Why must we again pay the price of your desires in our liberties, our earnings and our blood?  Why not your this time?