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Primal Prepping

•, by Rick Miller
 There is, indeed, a perception that building a reserve of storable food and primalism must be mutually exclusive. Fortunately, there are many options available for those who want to thrive in any scenario, sans cream of wheat.

When considering dry food to store, one can come up with quite a few choices:

Dried Mushrooms
Kale Chips (dehydrated kale)
Basically any dehydrated veggies
Canned Fish/Seafood (choose wisely – low mercury, high omega-3)
Seeds (including chia and/or hemp)
Oils (especially coconut and olive)
Ghee (clarified butter)
Pre-cooked Bacon (nitrate-free)

When shopping for these items, pay attention especially to packaging – choose products with solid color containers, as light tends to diminish the shelf life of a product. Look for the newest product by examining all of the "sell by" dates on the back of the package. Most importantly, make these items a part of your everyday regimen. This will allow you to keep rotating in fresh product, with the added benefit of avoiding the experience of shock as you start realizing you are going to be eating an MRE for dinner tonight – and many nights to come...You will, instead, be snacking!