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Vote all you want: The flight plan doesn’t change

•, Marti Oakley
 We got us a big election coming up and of course the country is dividing itself right down the middle at least in some areas. For most of us out here this coming election means nothing. The usual arguments over whether we are flying headlong into socialism or, if we are in fact in the throws of fascism seem to have lost their appeal. Most have realized that whether socialism or fascism the end result is the same; a ruling class and the rest of us servants. It just depends on which sales pitch appeals to you. For most of us, we have had it with the snake oil politicians and their ever changing sales pitch’s.

Fascism, the overtaking of government by corporations, is hidden behind euphoric, glorious terms; Free markets, free trade, globalism and the world economy. Most who subscribe to this pitch appear to be fearful of being cut out of the action, maybe not getting a piece of the global pie or at least a piece as big as they thought they should get. Socialism, the plan for the common people, will see many fall never to rise again.

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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 There is no such thing as  "flight plan" to turn the United States into a "government of corporations". Our constitutional structure was not designed for that. This happened in Italy long time ago -- it could never, never happen here, today or anytime in the future.

The only "flight plan" understandable is the flight plan of Ron Paul to vanish from the GOP presidential nomination race -- which is any day from now.