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Scientists Build First Working Quantum Network

•, By Damon Poeter
 That and a couple of bucks will get you a cup of coffee, plus anything from a perfectly secure data exchange system to the massive scaling via distributed processing of the already mind-bogglingly powerful, if theoretical, potential of a standalone quantum computer.

These are indeed heady days for the pioneers of quantum computing, with each news cycle seemingly bringing forth a major breakthrough in a subatomic frontier that appears poised to revolutionize how our calculating machines deliver us everything from satellite mapping to LOLcats.

It's also a daunting time for those of us who have barely just sussed out the mechanics of old-fashioned, silicon-based computer chips–only to be confronted with this new science of computing, a full understanding of which requires one to be not just an advanced electrical engineer, but a quantum physicist to boot.

All of which is to say that, yes, the bright individuals who are trying to harness the computational power of stuff so small and weird, it can only be described mathematically, are at it again.

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