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WSJ’s Weird Embrace Of Pseudo Science And The War On Real Science

•, William K. Black
 The wording of the bill comes from a template created by the Discovery Institute, a think tank in Seattle that questions evolution and promotes the concept of “intelligent design.”

Evolution is the theory that generations of animal and plant species alter and transform over time in response to changes in their environment and circumstances, a process known as natural selection.

“Intelligent Design” is the proposition that scientific evidence exists to show that life in its multitudinous forms was caused by the direction of a higher intelligence.

What is that “scientific evidence”?

“Natural selection and descent does not explain the degree of complexity that exists out there,” [the head of the religious group promoting the bill] said.

See, there are two rival views of biology, a “theory” v. a “proposition.” The rival views represent different opinions on biology by respectable biologists embracing the same scientific method and differing only in their interpretation of the “scientific evidence” emerging from their scientific studies. Remember, this is a WSJnews article, not a screed by their “three bubbles off plumb” editorial staff. What a difference a Murdoch makes to what was once a superb news organization.

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