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WOLFGANG MÜNCHAU: Here's The Real Reason Markets Are Freaking Out About Spain

•, Joe Weisenthal

This is probably one of the best paragraphs written about the European crisis yet.

Austerity is an economy killer, and you don't want to lend to the governments of dying economies.

This of course jibes nicely with Paul Krugman characterization of what's going on in Spain/Europe, which is economic suicide.

The ECB and the Germans are still convinced after all this time that what's needed is credibility and confidence.

And so they're stunned when in the days following harsh austerity measures in Spain, yields magically shoot up, not down.

Since the crisis began, there are no examples of markets reacting positively to austerity. The only time markets have been sated is when the ECB takes steps to backstop debt, or the whole of Europe seems to move in the direction of a fiscal union.

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