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Becoming an Arizona GOP Delegate for Ron Paul

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"They can not stop and Idea whose time has come." Ron Paul


Hello Patriots ,

Have you had some one tell you "Ron Paul Can't get elected."

Well yes he can!  Fire with confidence using back with these (3) strong facts.

Ron Paul Gets 88% of all the donations from Active Duty Military Personnel

Ron Paul consistently polls better head to head against Obama than Romney does. per Rasmussen polls

Ron Paul polls better with Independents and Democrats than Romney.

Yesterday some of our hardest working Patriots had a conference. I have to tell you we are looking pretty good in Arizona!  In every District but a few we are winning 20%-50% of all the delegate spots and 80%+ of the alternate slots. 

If you have not already; please tell your
Ron Paul District Leader if you have been selected as a Delegate or an Alternate in your Legistalive District's Caucus. Coordinating our efforts and people are critical to our success at the State Convention.

Not all Caucuses are complete in Arizona yet. The is one tonight and others convening later this week.  If you want to be a delegate it may not be too late check
here for your Caucus date now!

"If you want to change Government you have to become Government." Ron Paul

Get started and join us as a Precinct Committee Person, dead line is May 31st to submit your information contact your Ron Paul District Leader for more information on how to enter the most powerful office in the country.

The R3VOLUTION is alive and well!      


            What are the qualifications to be a
Answer                Membership in Republican Party and reside in the district you attend the caucus for.

             What is the Process?
Answer                 Any one can nominate themselves or another to be a delegate at the
Caucus.  Once nominated  Precinct Committe persons will vote for their candidates.  The delegate candidates that get the most votes in descending order will be elected as delegates to the State Convention.

           How much does it cost to be a District or County delegate?
Answer                ZERO
Question             I thought Arizona was winner take all?
Answer                Arizona's delegates are bound at the National
Convention to vote for Romney in the 1st round.  After the 1st round they are released and can vote for Ron Paul or whoever else they like.

Question How do I get started?
Answer Send your first name last name and phone number along with your
Legislative District (find it here) to lastchanceforliberty@gmail.com We will link you in with your Ron Paul District Leader. 
http://www.ronpaul2012.com/ delegate/

You can get updated information on our AZ for Ron Paul delegate website
here So tell your friends, your neighbors,
your coworkers, any and all who support freedom and Ron Paul that hey too can be a delegate. 

Remember  You are the R3VOLUTION 

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