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Why is it the Government’s Business?

• Tom Rhodes
Why does the government have any say it what is clearly not their business? Consider the whole Rosen debacle where one of Obama’s strategist claims that housewives, stay at home mom’s, have shouldn’t have the right to talk about the economy, and haven’t worked a day in their lives. The fact is Obama and his administration, and those whom he consults should have no say in how anybody, including women, chooses to pursue happiness.

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Comment by Ed Price
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It's Government's business because it is anybody's business. If it is something that is publicly known, Government has the right to know it as well. The problem is what some people in Government do with what they know.

One of the greatest problems between common folks and Government people who are attempting to use Government to modify the rights of people is the following.

If you, a commoner, make a statement to Government about who you are...


Here is a simple example of what I mean. If you state to Government, say, through some Government form that you fill out, that you have a Social Security Number, you just tossed away a bunch of your rights as far as Government is concerned. Even though you didn't see anything wrong with telling Government something that you thought they already knew, you just made a big mistake. Why? Because it isn't you that has the SSN. It is the Social Security Account that was set up on your behalf - and has a name that looks almost exactly like yours - that has the SSN.

When you said that you had the SSN, Government must interpret that as meaning that you ARE the Social Security Account. Why? Because Government knows that it is the Social Security Account that has the SSN. And because there isn't usually anything in the Government paperwork that you filled out that makes a distinction between you, a human being, and the Social Security Account that has your name on it.

Now, you can fight it out in court, later, if the time comes that you want a distinction to be made, but most of the time, you don't even know that that is what is happening when you assert your rights through some court battle against Government. The judge won't tell you. You think that you have simply asserted your rights. What has really happened - if you win, that is - is that a distinction has been made between a human being - you - and some artificial Governmentally owned entity - like the Social Security Account that has your name on it. The verdict simply shows that there was a mistake in the identities, even though it is couched in all kinds of words about human rights.

Why do I bring all this up with this article? Because Government people have the right to talk about anything as much as anybody else does. Freedom of speech. If what they say doesn't apply to you, who cares what they say?

So wake up! And find out the ways that you can state for the record, long before you get into any trouble, that you are a human being, and not some Government artificial entity, like Government thinks you are.

Ask Gene at Or search for info on what Howard Griswold and David DeRiemer have to say about distinctions between you and artificial entities. An important place to start to get knowledgeable is with Eric Madsen at, especially The whole picture (just about) can be found with David Gould at

Most important, don't make any agreements with Government. Don't sign Government paperwork, including driver license application until you know how to sign to show that it is not you getting the license. (If you apply for a driver license, and your SSN is on the application, it is the Social Security Account getting the license.)

And don't suggest to a judge at a pre-trial meeting that you are So and So, who lives at Such and Such. If you do, you have just made an agreement with him (her), and all that's left is to find out which artificial entity you are claiming to be, or if a new one is being created by your agreement.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Always an excellent question.   And guess what?  If the answer is not to protect individual Rights, it is none of CONstitutionally created government's business.  The ruling government on the other hand . . . .

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