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Austin police field ‘serious threats’ after officer kills man’s dog

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Acevedo: 'Vile' threats aimed at APD:

The phones have been ringing off the hook at Austin police headquarters after an officer killed a local man’s dog last weekend, and Chief of Police Art Acevedo is finally feeling the siege mentality.

In an open letter to the community sent Wednesday night, Acevedo blamed a “mob mentality” for driving a growing public outcry, claiming the department had received a number of “serious threats” in the process.

“As to the mob mentality I reference [...] sorry, but when people are calling us and directing profanity laced insults and threats toward our employee(s) in writing and on telephone calls, I can’t think of how else to describe it,” he wrote. “While I expect to be subjected to public scrutiny, I don’t expect people in this department to be subjected to the treatment they are receiving.”

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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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This kind of incident  is becoming all to common. Cops do the wrong address thing all the time. At least in this case the cops didn't shoot a person. They do that one a lot.

This is just more spin off from the war on drug mentality that has led to the militarization of cops & the accompanying 'warrior' mindset. Few cops are prosecuted for killing innocent people, so they seem to have no fear of  in-house punishment.

Do a search on   Innocent Victims of the Drug War

 Cops have gotten away with killing a LOT of innocent people because of botched raids. What, was it last year that an AZ marine, Jose Guerena, was murdered during a botched raid? Far as I know no cops has been held accountable. These cops even kept medics from their victim. sounds more like a hit than an actual legitimate 'mistake'.

Now that the drug war is spilling over into society at large all over the nation, I would think it's time to consider ending the colossal waste of lives & resources called the drug war. How many thousands of innocents in Mexico have died & will continue being killed for no reason other than the obstinate pursuit of a war that is so lost & out of control...not to mention expensive in terms of money & innocent lives taken because cops had the wrong address or bad info from an informant.

 We are now in a place where the drug war & it's foundation, drug prohibition, are more dangerous that the prohibited substances. We know the war on SOME drugs is not about safety. Rx drugs kill more than illegal ones. "Legal" does NOT default to safe!








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