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Assassination Colombia – What If It Ain’t About Whores?

•, by Gordon Duff

Cartagena, Colombia (VT) The story, one a child wouldn’t believe, is that our Secret Service and Army advance teams, those that arrange for presidential security, were arrested for failing to pay one or more whores for “services rendered.”

The real deal is very probably this:

At least one of the members of the presidential detail is suspected of working with foreign nationals to arrange the assassination of President Obama.

A certain nation comes to mind, one very close to former Governor Romney, the GOP candidate hopelessly behind in the polls, a candidate belonging to a religion seen as a dangerous sect, a candidate hated by most American women and women vote.
One country was told it wasn’t getting a war with Iran, has chosen to put all its weight behind an obvious loser and has no choice but to kill Obama or suffer the wrath of a president who has little to lose during a second term. There is no other reason such a hare brained story as this one would be foisted on the world during an election year.

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Comment by Ed Price
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If Government is in it, it is GUARANTEED to be about whores. At least, fore sure, it is about the whore, Babylon, written about in the Revelation in the Bible.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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I already warned the angry anti-Government people not to be cocky with their shoot-before-they-ask bigotry comments of a news report that has a dagger hidden behind the back. You can read my comment right here at Amy Goodman’s "report": Obama’s Policies: The Real Scandal in Cartagena 04-20-2012 •, by Amy Goodman …

"Not so fast, with those knee-jerk comments!

Jumping into a conclusion is not warranted at this point of the investigation of this incident. Acting like a hanging Judge that condemns before the investigation is completed is the game radical left and their anti-Statist accomplices usually play with their myopic shoot-in-sight bigotry. I am not saying you are one of them, but I am just telling you who they are. If you don’t know, it will help you know.

"There is a lot to be desired the way this CIA "embarrassment" is being reported. Don’t mar and mislead the progress of the investigation with your Satanic contempt and condemnation, as if you knew what actually happened when what you have is the worse part of a second hand information.

"You must not be carried away by "news reports" published with ulterior motives, i.e., like what you read in the Front Page every day. These are Libertarian "reporters" reporting, not neutral reporters. "Reporters" from Fox News and MSNBC report about President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama differently like poles apart. Their stories are chalk and cheese [if you are familiar with this cliché].

"Consider the following:

"1. One of the fired Secret Service Supervisors had already threatened to file a suit – that means what were reported so far may not be all true. The basis of the suit may provide the missing links. This nagging possibility is not yet even cleared as the investigation still continues.

"2. Blackmail could be the cause of the incident. The interviewed prostitute claimed that she agreed to go to the hotel with the secret service agent on his promise that he will pay her $800. The Agent denied this. The Agent said there was no such agreement, that’s why he just paid her $30. The woman called the attention of her companions and reported the matter to the hotel management who could be in cahoots. It could be a blackmail – this particular prostitute and the rest of them could have known beforehand that their "clients" were in a "sensitive" mission, so that after the "services" were rendered, this particular "escort" demanded that the Agent has to pay the price she wants or else …There were two sides of the story – did the investigation clear this up? No, not yet!

"3. Finally – and this is the bigger one – there could be a "mole" in the secret service entourage playing under the covert scheme of the "director" -- either [a] the host government of Columbia or [b] any of Obama’s unidentified "enemy".

"[Par a] is a stronger possibility than [Par b]. Obama is attending a Summit in Cartagena, Columbia. His pitch in the Summit was to neutralize if not abolish the drug cartel, which drug-producing-dealing countries of Latin America, primarily Columbia, vigorously opposed.

"[Par b] is simply the fact that it is election-campaign time in the United States, and Obama’s political enemies are not resting. They see to it that Obama’s defeat is assured.

All of these are within the realm of possibilities that people talk about and the results of an honest-to-goodness investigation will clear the air of suspicions and misgivings. However, like 911, this scandal has generated a truckload of conspiracy theories that, as sticky as the Kennedy assassination, would never go away."

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