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Ron Paul Vows to Continue Campaign Against Status Quo

•, Jeff Cox

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, faced with a daunting delegate disadvantage and dwindling media attention, nevertheless plans on continuing his campaign to try to change the way Washington operates.

With Mitt Romney considered by many observers to be the presumptive GOP nominee, Paul said he maintains a strong base of supporters who are tired of not having their voices heard. Only Paul, Romney, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia remain in a once-crowded race.

“We’re challenging the status quo of the entire country as well as the Republican Party,” Paul said during an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “People don’t like to give up their power. But the momentum is very powerful. I’m part of it, but I’m not it. It’s much bigger than me.”

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Comment by Ed Price
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Don't need kid you. You plenty kid self.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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When Ron Paul gets elected President?  Are you kidding me? Well, anyway ... you have to wait until the crow turns white, or at the earliest, when asteroids strike Planet Earth and you wake up from your dream! Maybe in December this year as predicted by the Mayan Calendar.

Comment by Ed Price
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Just like all of the other campaigners, Ron Paul is still there because the money just keeps coming in. Of course, that is NOT the important part. The important part is what each of the campaigners would do if elected President. In that, Ron Paul is different than the other campaigners.

Totally opposite of ALL the other campaigners, if Ron Paul were elected President, he would STOP the money from coming in. He would see to it that most of the money was returned to the people, the citizens of the United States. He would reduce the size of the Federal Government so that there would be no need for money to keep coming in. He would make sure there was no Federal Reserve Bank to keep sucking the money in and then sending it our to the World Bank overseas.

So you see, the money coming in to Ron Paul now, is the most important money in the whole country. It gives us all a chance to be free from the slavery of the money mongers. Go Ron Paul.

Vote Ron Paul 2012. And if he is not on the ballot, write him in. And record the event with your cell-cam.

Comment by Conrad Krosky
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George, your comment is confirmed in this video by Ron Paul himself.  He said he is still there because the money still keeps coming! Click on the video and listen to him say that. He admits the Media ignores him, in fact MSM has written him off long time ago. But who would turn his back to the money that is still coming ...? He is still there for no other reason than this! How despicable not just crazy that is makes me cringe. It compels readers to either laugh at or cry for this man who is probably not aware of what he is doing. He made a liar out of the few supporters who claimed that he is there symbolic of their anti-Government movement when the truth is he is there only for the money that keeps coming when he stays in the campaign for as long as it takes.

Comment by George Voit
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What difference would it make? Ron Paul is dropping out of the race. Time to stop the money-grabbing campaign.  The people know that this pocket-lining motivation is what is left of the Ron Paul campaign. The handlers have no heart, this the public perceives. Stop using this aging politician on the edge for commercial purposes. Whatever reason the Ron Paul organizers post explaining why he is still there is only for a bunch fewer than a handfull of the tattoed and tongue-piercing generation who in "Cloud 9" believed what you are saying in those headlines. The public has this notion that what you are doing to this old man is abominable!

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