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Rebels Call for Free Market Flash Mobs


While poking around for Rebels on Facebook I came across this group that is promoting an idea so awesome I had to spread the word. The group is called Rebel Road and they’re hosting a public event they’re calling a Free Market Flash Mob. They invite everyone to bring whatever they have to sell or trade to Balboa Park in San Diego. They boast “No Permission! No Permits! The parks are ours and we have the right to self-sustain by utilizing them how we see fit, when we see fit.”

I say, let the Rebellion begin! I only wish there were Rebels organizing events like this in San Francisco. I may have to do it myself. With any luck we’ll begin to see events like this around the world.

The Rebel Road was created by someone who identifies herself only as “The Anonymous Activist.” She writes:

“Rebel Road is the phone line for freedom and war path for the take down of tyranny… We will gather in each state and make a stand against the system that oppresses us all! We will teach the nation a new way to survive and take this opportunity to learn from others on Rebel Road how better to self-sustain and peacefully coexist in America. Our actions will put the fear of the few that rule us now in its proper perspective and as an extraordinary example of voluntaryism we will march against tyranny in every city until it is no more and our country and our people are FREE!”

Although this is an awesome idea whose time has come, it seems like the San Diego Free Market Flash Mob will be their first event, hopefully with many to come. I know I will be keeping posted about this group and this event. I may even need to schedule a trip down to witness their guerilla commerce for myself.

She concludes:


Not only will these events be epic in history but recording is also our only form of acceptable defense from the tyrannical American government that would hope to suppress such events as this so that they may be the only ones to control and hold the monopoly in OUR country. So even if we are arrested (which sadly is a possibility so be prepared) there will be multiple angled footage for legal defense and public accountability thanks to YouTube :)

So, rest assured, there will be coverage of this event.


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