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Winslow wrong turn leads to prison for Norwegian man

• Arizona Republic

John Kristoffer Larsgard, 33, faces 7 1/2 years in an Arizona prison, largely as a result of some erratic driving that frightened and angered people at the Winslow street festival. Prosecutors said Larsgard turned his car into a weapon, hitting one woman, causing minor injuries and narrowly missing many others.

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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Starting with a government that governs least . . .

Absent an actual riot or invitation for invasion, a government that governs least could simply not act (beyond investigation) of such an event . . . unless . . .

Larsgard is known to do this with some regularity . . .

People who physically accosted him in his car are known to similarly misbehave with some regularity . . .

Similar events are occuring with some regularity.

In a government that governs least, this could have been let go without prosecution.  A meeting could have been arranged between Larsgard and those frightened or injured, especially if he felt sorry for what happened and was willing to express regret.

If this avenue was considered or pursued, the article gave no indication of it.

Next question:  How are Arizona's prisons financed? 

DC Treybil

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Things that bother me about this:

1.  The Norwegian government is disinterested in one of its own citizens under trial and now conviction in the USA.  I find that weird. 

2.  This guy was being pummeled through his car window---helpless, except for the ability to get through an angry crowd of attackers with his vehicle.  I definitely understand plenty of people who were uninvolved in the mob assault upon him were endangered by his actions.  I find Arizona's "justice" system interesting.  Only one person was actually hurt by Larsgard and it is unclear to me if she was part of the mob assaulting him. 

Clearly the attackers in the mob were responsible for escalating this incident by their assault into an responding assault.  Their culpability -- and presumably plenty of video recording this incident at a parade was available -- seems unaddressed, unpunished.

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