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Hundreds of Thousands Urge USDA to Stop 'Agent Orange Corn'

•, Common Dreams staff

Hundreds of thousands of individuals, organizations and farmers are pushing the USDA to stop the approval of Dow AgroSciences' 2,4-D-resistant corn, dubbed 'Agent Orange corn' by its opponents, who say the product poses a threat to public health and the environment.

The product, officially called 'Enlist,' is a genetically modified crop able to withstand being sprayed with 2,4-D, one of the components of Agent Orange, so that farmers can spray the pesticide to kill weeds without killing the crop.

As the New York Times explains, the 2,4-D-resistant corn was seen as necessary because farmers had overused glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's RoundUp, and the weeds became immune to the pesticide.