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Lacking a Corporate Outcry, CISPA Looks Likely to Pass

•, Alexander Reed Kelly

The hacking collective Anonymous is back with another pulse-pounding video, this time in an attempt to rally the American public against the “SOPA-like” CISPA bill that passed the House of Representatives and now heads to the Senate.

But CISPA is not SOPA and the difference is significant. SOPA was a law introduced in late 2011 aimed at giving media and entertainment companies the authority to order Internet service providers to block websites that enable copyright infringement. The bill would have given corporations the power to censor most if not all sites where people connect to share information and media.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Actually, bills and acts like this help freedom. How?

"I'm not doing anything wrong with my Internet usage. So what's the difference if Government monitors my Internet usage?"


"I would rather be left alone. Our Government is becoming a Nazi-like regime. For what reason? To promote peace throughout the world? Ha, ha, ha ...? They might start by obeying their Oath to uphold the Constitution. If they where truthful in that, I might see how they could be truthful with the idea of having our welfare in mind."

The answer is, of course, the more they tighten their grip, the more their own technology will be used against them by a world full of free-minded people. Consider the Tor project at

Consider that technology exists to bypass the phone system for Internet routing, freely, through the electrical grid.

Consider Bitcoin style encryption for all Internet sites. Every website is encrypted this way, right out of its server. This would make certain aspects of Tor easier while promoting a very high degree of anonymity.

Government's answer to these things is that they are fast developing the quantum computer. This computer would be able to crack any encryption. But this will ultimately be used to free the people of the world, as well. How? Quantum encryption is virtually unbreakable even by a quantum computer. No more hacking at all. Total information freedom for all the people who want to use it.

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