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5 great spots for dropping off the grid

•, By Jennings Brown

Now is your chance to flee society. Drop off the grid. Pull a Thoreau. Be you a survivalist, an environmentalist or a cheapskate-ist, you can join the growing movement of Americans embracing off-grid living.

"There's a desire to step out of the rat race, and in America, that goes very deep in the national psyche," says Nick Rosen, author of "Off the Grid: Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government, and True Independence in Modern America" and editor of "You know, the pioneering spirit and sturdy self-reliance -- these things which define the American character."

For some off-griders, it's a matter of having little or no impact on the environment -- literally living off the power grid.

So if you've been considering going AWOL, let tax day be your inspiration. And if you've got what it takes to look after yourself, with a little help from some earthy friends, here are a few off-the-grid destinations that will take you in. Or perhaps you'd like to drop in for a visit ...

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