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The Ultimate Green Bombshell: New Study Finds Wind Farms Cause Actual Climate Change

•, Patrick Henningsen
 After years of searching, it appears that scientists have finally identified an actual cause of climate change… wind farms.

Critics have previously cited industrial wind turbine farms as a massive blot on the landscape, as well as accusing them of causing environmental and economic damage. Reports of bird and bat mortality, local deforestation, as well as negative effects on peat bogs in the UK – have all been cited in relation to the operation of wind turbines. Economic concerns include homes located near wind turbines losing significant value with some homes being impossible to sell and abandoned by their owners. Above all of this, the fact still remains that wind farms, like solar farms, cannot produce any significant amount of power required to feed the minimum base-load to electrify a small city.

Supporters and green lobbyists for the wind industry claim that these damages are justified in order to move society off of fossil fuels. Despite their sketchy green credentials, industrial wind farms have still been awarded generous subsidies from governments in North America and Europe.

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