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After Decades of Mystery, Has the G-Spot Been Found?

•, By Jennifer Abbasi
 For decades, researchers have argued over the existence of the G-spot, a supersensitive spongy organ on the front vaginal wall that many women report causes vaginal, rather than clitoral, orgasms. Now, a cosmetic surgeon in Florida says he's finally found the G-spot in a dissected cadaver, but rather than settling the question of the G-spot once and for all, the new findings are kicking off a new round of debate.

Adam Ostrzenski, a gynecological surgeon who specializes in cosmetic procedures in St. Petersburg, Florida, published his headline-grabbing study today in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. In it, he describes finding the organ during a dissection of an 83-year-old female cadaver in Poland.

Ostrzenski describes the G-spot as a bluish, grape-like mass housed in a small, see-through sac inside the front wall of the vagina. The mass measured a third of an inch long, but when he excised it from the sac, the G-spot unraveled to a length of over an inch. He found the organ after examining several layers of tissue from the vaginal wall of a woman who had died from a head injury the day before. Ostrzenski had hypothesized that the G-spot would be buried deeper than where common surgical procedures are conducted on the vagina, since it had never been encountered during those operations, and his findings appear to support that conclusion.

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