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Is US in a perpetual state of war?

• Philip Fernando , Asian Tribune

The question as to why US seemed enmeshed in a perpetual state of war has caused a scorching debate in the US. The charge is that a feckless US Congress under presidential pressure had abrogated its constitutional right to declare war.

How could the legislature be so oblivious to the cruelties of the war? Rhodes Scholar and popular TV news show host Rachel Maddow’s book –“Drift-Unmooring of American Military Power” just climbed to No. one spot in the NY Times Best sellers’ list.

Maddow argued that wars have become matter of course as US citizenry failed to show any signs of conflicted demeanor when wars were declared barring the dyed-in-the-wool protesters. Except to the fighting units in the front lines and their families, wars’ brutality seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

From Lyndon Johnson’s handling of the Vietnam debacle over the Gulf of Tonkin incident to the George W. Bush administration ” tabooing” TV coverage of Iraq war casualties' arriving in coffins, America's "perpetual war for the alleged perpetual peace" has failed to arouse Congressional leaders into effective corrective action. Pre-emptying declaration of war had become a futile endeavour.


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