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A 1937 Detailed Prediction Of Hitler's Strategy In Eastern Europe

•, Brian Resnick, The Atlantic
 In 1937, Hitler's military intentions were becoming increasingly clear.

He had already ascended to the top of the German government and instilled in the populace a fiery national socialism.

But that movement was beginning to be stifled by Germany's established borders. The next move was conquest.

In his 1937 piece "Hitler Looks Eastward," Atlantic author Henry C. Wolfe described the restlessness on the ground: "'To DAY Germany belongs to us; tomorrow the whole world!' Nazi Storm Troopers parading along Danzig's ancient cobbled streets sing out National Socialism's challenge to the nations across the 'bleeding frontiers' of the Third Reich."
To Wolfe, the question at this point was not if the Nazis would strike, but when -- and where. He noted that all throughout Germany, media reports and political speeches were proclaiming a vital need for more land. One Nazi official in Könisberg explained it to him this way: "'Colonies to absorb our surplus population and provide us with the raw materials we lack will solve our economic and social problems.'"

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