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Exclusive: Arizona – Two Carloads of Shooters Escape, Survivor Witness Found.

By Mike Harris

For days, news service around the world have been reporting on the suicide/murder of “Neo-Nazi Extremist” J.T. Ready in Arizona.  Even the FBI told our reporters this afternoon that they had no witneseses and that Ready was being investigaged as a “Nazi.”

Now we learn that, if we are to accept the FBI as truthful, local law enforcement kept a live witness hidden away, not just from the news but from the Federal authorities that controlled the crime scene, kept the witness sequestered and let the killers, as few as 2, as many as 6, leave the country, dispose of evidence, whatever needed to make this mass murder a success.

…all with the help and assistance of local press and law enforcement, help that, as we see it, involving obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and first degree murder.  These are our assumptions, the only ones we can make based the facts of the case as outlined to our reporters by the FBI.

Now we wait.

Every word has been a lie.  There is a witness survivor and from the first hour, it was known that a highly organized team of killers, two carloads, had done the killings and that J.T Ready was murdered while he ran up his porch, assault rifle in hand, to save the lives of those he loved.  He was dead in seconds, another dead Marine, a dead hero.


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