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Libertarian National Committee Gets 'Grass Roots' Leadership

• Ed Vallejo Reporting
Las Vegas, Nevada - In a stunning upset, the Delegates to the Libertarian National Convention decided that they were not satisfied with the Candidates presented, and NOTA (None Of The Above) took center stage in the contest for National Committee Chair.  A resounding cheer went up as the results of the tally were shown on the screen, and after the ensuing reopening for nominations Former 2002-04 Chairman Geoff Neale of Texas and R. Lee Wrights also of Texas were elected Chair and Vice Chair.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Sorry, but as I understood it the National Chair was won by NOTA. The NLP's forming documents are quite clear...NOTA wins, the office remains unoccupied for its term.  The NLP  violates its charter again...why am I not surprised.